Chris R Miller

Web Developer & Architect

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With over 20 years of experience in software engineering and with a focus on web and mobile architecture and management, Chris’ skills are perfectly matched to the technologies and needs of this dynamic market.

With his clarity and proficiency at communicating effectively with both senior management and development teams, Chris can be the touch stone for charting your course toward the right technology, engineering and development trends needed for you to reach your business objectives.

Wherever you look in his background Chris has shown his ability to both produce high end results and lead others to do the same. Whether at the global credit card giant NetSpend, where he spearheaded architectural changes to Cordova-based hybrid mobile apps to solve development, production and deployment issues and increase development velocity; or his time with two IndieGogo campaigns for smart kitchen appliances where he developed software and hardware integrations; or his experience creating custom content management systems and mobile apps for insurance brokers and insurance companies all over the U.S., Chris can provide the architectural lead your team has been looking for.


The Saatva Company

Senior Application Developer

Assisted development of Magento-based shopping cart system for multiple brands. Concentrated on making a "headless" Magento installation to minimize complexity.

Planned roll-out and maintenance plans for manufacturing logistics system that supports hundreds of individual, independent manufactorers, warehouses and delivery partners.

Won internal hackathon with a marketing-based shopping widget to implement on referrer's sites.

Worked with my team to take 2nd in a Google-Sponsored, Mobile Web Development hackathon.


Web & Mobile Architect

Planned and managed the roll-out of Bitbucket for a 200-member development team, as well as company source control procedures to ensure visibility for audit tracking.

Directed the architectural direction of Netspend and client branded mobile apps. Planned and developed processes and infrastructure to move development and production services to a cloud based architecture.

Spearhead initiatives to increase development velocity. Worked directly with multiple departments to bridge communication gaps and encourage teams to work together that weren’t previously.

Managed architecture changes and process for 5 local and 2 remote teams for a total of about 35 developers. Directed Front- end Solutions Architects to implement Architecture changes for all projects in development.

Tech Used: AngularJS for Web & Mobile App. Movile wrapped in Cordova. EmberJS for internal tools. CentOS for server environments (BitBucket, Jira, etc.). MacOS with custom ZSH development environment.

Key Ingredient Corp.

Senior Application Developer

Developed custom modules for a multi-national Magento E- Commerce solution, with over 2,000 items, Django App to manage 2+million recipes for machine-based automatic categorization.

Developed and launched mobile apps on IOS and Android to integrate with custom developed hardware products.

Set-up and maintained a Jenkins CI for automated deployments, along with a cloud-based storage solution. Managed multiple AWS/GAE servers and infrastructure for web app handling 500,000 unique visitors monthly, along with Google Analytics reporting.

Tech Used: EmberJS for MyFamilyVault WebApp. HTML/CSS/PHP for Ecommerce Store. Debian server environments for Python & Shell scripting projects. Custom MacOS & Ubuntu 16.04 development environments.

State of Ohio DODD

Senior Mobile Architect

Design, develop, Implement and publish native cross-platform Android and iOS app PhoneGap / Cordova API

Utilize single-page-app architecture to deliver native experience using JavaScript MVC framework backbone.js, html5, css3, underscore.js, zepto.js

Developed multiple PHP Test Cases for prototype service development using AJAX, JSON, XML connected to a DODD mobile app. MySQL test databases for test XML/JSON content pull for DODD mobile app tests.

Tech Used: Cordova for custom mobile app. HTML & CSS for front-end design tech. JQuery for AJAX/JSON/XML manipulation and display.

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Cal Holman

May 29th, 2017

SVP IT NetSpend

Chris has worked with Netspend for the last year and has had a tremendous impact on our platform and organization. Chris brought to Netspend a very mature view of how to leverage the online technologies to meet the business need and at the same time simplify the technical overhead. He improved our build and test platforms for our web and mobile applications providing guidance on the systems to use and their implementation. Beyond the frontend technologies he championed the installation, configuration and education on BitBucket as a Software Development tool which changed the build/testing process for all developers at Netspend resulting in a simple process increasing efficiency. The BitBucket project was a key factor in passing several federal audits of the SDLC. Organizationally, Chris brought leadership to the frontend team members and gave them a voice for the tools and environments they needed to increase their quality. He articulated a vision for the team which reduced turnover and motivated the group around that vision.

I would highly recommend Chris to any development organization.

Stan Taylor

May 12th, 2017

Test Automation Engineer, Netspend

I've worked closely with Chris at Netspend, and I've been really impressed with his ability to determine the next steps we should take in our technical infrastructure and to educate the various stakeholders and get their buy-in. He's top-notch technically as well as a great communicator and facilitator.

Dag Nybo

May 9th, 2017

Agine Manager, Netspend

Chris is proactive and effective and showed this consistently in his role as Netspend Architect. He continually designed solutions that were implemented and solved problems for the organization. He created a list of nice to have projects which he handed out to developers and QA engineers when they had extra time. He is extremely positive and caring of others and always willing to help. He would be a great fit for a senior manager or director role as he communicates extremely well and is comfortable with the 20k view of initiatives. Chris is a unique and valuable asset to any team.

Ryan Nowakowski

June 3rd, 2016

CTO, Key Ingredient

I led the team that Chris was on for the past couple of years at Key Ingredient. He is excellent at working with his team mates. Chris is very open and is willing to do what's needed to get the job done. Some devs are primadonnas but not Chris. He gets especially excited about learning new technology. As good as Chris is as a backend web developer, he's twice as good on the frontend, particularly CSS and HTML. He also has sysadmin chops which come in handy. Along with being a senior developer, Chris was our main devops person responsible for setting up and maintaining automated builds. He's familiar with the iOS and Android build processes as well and can write an app from the ground up using Ionic/Cordova. If you need a fun-loving, team player that can get things done, especially at the UI layer, you should consider Chris.

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Netspend Mobile Applications

During my time at Netspend I was the primary architect on all Web and Mobile applications. I contributed directly to the architectural structure of all of their hybrid-mobile apps for all of their partners and internal systems. The most notable project was the change to a remote-hosted hybrid mobile architecture that I developed the POC for just before I left that position.

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Key Ingredient - Smart Prompt Probe

The Smartprompt Probe was a bluetooth enabled cooking probe that communicated with a hybrid mobile application on both IOS and Android platforms. I developed the mobile applications to be cross-platform hybrid mobile applications using the Ionic framework with AngularJS. The applications communicated with the probe using the bluetooth 4.0 spec. I also assisted in the embedded firmware development for the probe itself.

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Key Ingredient - Recipe Website

While I was at Key Ingredient, I worked on the recipe website, the estore and the mobile applications.

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